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Phone overheating? Here's how to keep it cool this summer
Scorching summers are bad for your precious gadgets. Here are some tips to keep your devices safe:

Sunlight Isn’t Your Phone’s Best Friend
Do not leave your devices under direct sunlight. In fact, direct exposure to the sun for long periods can damage your phone’s battery and impair other smartphone components. Don’t keep your phone in your pocket, especially in non-AC environment High-end gaming or playing music on your smartphones in a non-AC setting means the ambient temperature will add to the device’s internal heat, causing performance issues or component damage.

No ‘Parking’ In Cars
Do not leave your smartphone/ tablet/PC inside a car. Cars usually trap the surrounding heat and since you will lock it, an electronic device inside is not safe from the effects of the temperature build-up.

No Outdoor Charging
Do not charge your devices under direct sunlight. For instance, if you attach your smartphone to a laptop or power bank while working outdoors, it will only increase the chances of overheating. Do not charge your gadgets by keeping them under a pillow or cushion which will impede heat dissipation. This is for all weather conditions. Try keeping your devices in a cool and tidy corner of the room, away from direct sunlight and air. Air-conditioned spaces would be the best option in summer.

Handy Accessory To Have
A laptop cooling stand is a great accessory, usually preferred by gamers to help with heat dissipation when the device temperature rises during long gaming sessions, but they can also help cool down the internal components of your
laptop in summer.

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