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One of the worst things that can happen to you on a trip is your devices running out of juice. Cue all the running around and finding charging spots. Cue all the inconveniences and missed calls. This can be a nightmare if you hate putting your phone on the battery saver mode.

But you can cut down all this hassle with a sleek and compact power bank that you can toss into your bag or jeans pocket. With a single charge, the power bank can charge multiple devices multiple times.

So whether you want to charge an iPhone or an iPad, we’ve gathered the best power banks off the internet that you can carry around.

What you should look for in a power bank

To get that full charge on the go, you need to get a power bank that meets your battery needs. There are several more aspects to consider, which we will discuss briefly in a minute.

  • Battery capacity: To begin with, the power bank’s capacity should be double than that of your phone’s battery. For instance, if your phone has a 5000 mAh battery, you should go for a power bank with a 10000 mAh battery capacity. This would ensure that your phone gets charged at least twice.
  • Charging options: Multiple connectivity options automatically translate into flexibility. You should be able to charge multiple devices at a time. Many power banks come with various connectors that enable you to charge your phone, tablet, cameras, and other devices. Some power banks come with a USB cable that you
  • LED indicators: Those little indicators on the battery can make a big difference. You can know at a glance whether your power bank is charged, the battery level, and more.
  • Portability: Since you intend to carry the battery around, make sure that the power bank isn’t bulky. Go for a sleek, compact power bank that can easily fit into your jeans pocket or bag.
  • Safety: Most power banks come with Lithium-Polymer batteries which are balanced elements. Aside from this, the power banks have built-in smart circuits that prevent overcharging, overheating, and short circuits.

Apart from these basic features, some power banks have extra perks like a built-in flashlight, wireless charging, and more.

Power Bank 26800mAh portable charger

ixnine power bank
Image via IXNINE

IXNINE’s power bank has a huge battery capacity of 26800 mAh that can charge a phone with a 5000 mAh battery up to five times. Depending on your usage, the bank can charge your devices for up to 9 days. With the four outputs, you can charge four devices at once. And the 2.5X faster charge ensures you get that full charge ASAP.

The power bank features an LED indicator that shows battery level in numerals like a digital clock. As the bank has a sleek, compact design, you can toss it in your jeans pocket or bag. It also has a very hold-y design giving you a comfortable hold over it (in an anti-slip way). The battery bank has a built-in smart circuit that prevents short circuits and overcharging.

TG90 Portable Charger 6000mah external battery packs

tg90 portable charger
Image via TG90

The pocket-friendly TG90 power bank is as small and sleek as a credit card. The ultra-slim bank fits easily into your pocket, wallet, or even small bag. You get a 6000mAh battery with two built-in cables so you can charge two devices at the same time. The Li-polymer battery has an intelligent safety system that doesn’t let your device get overcharged, or overheated, and even handles overvoltage situations. This is a good companion for commuting, camping, and hiking trips as it comes with a built-in flashlight.

Anker PowerCore 5000

anker powercore
Image via Anker

If you like cylindrical power banks, then you might want to check out Anker’s PowerCore battery. The Anker PowerCore is a 5000mAh bank that is cylindrical and fits right into your fist. It’s just 10cm tall and 3cm wide, so you can easily slide it into a jeans pocket or your backpack. The bank can charge your phone fully whenever, wherever. With PowerIQ, you get high-speed charging up to 2A. Please note that the bank doesn’t support Qualcomm Quick Charge. To keep the power bank safe, you get a travel pouch to go.

Solar Power Bank, Qi portable charger

Image via BLAVOR

If you’re looking for wireless power banks, then you can check out BLAVOR’s solar-powered piece. The 10000mAh battery bank is flat and shaped like a phone. As it is powered by Qi, you can charge your Qi-enabled phones with this. You can also get a USB output and a type-c input. In one go, you can charge up to three devices.

It comes with a built-in dual flashlight that you can use while your phone is not wirelessly charging. It also features a compass dial. The battery bank is sturdily built – it’s IPX5 waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. If you go camping, or hiking, and love the great outdoors in general, this bank is a perfect companion for your phones. Please note that the solar charge is an additional feature that you can use if you drain the bank. Charge the bank with the cable provided before you use it.

2-Pack Miady 10000mAh Dual USB portable charger

miady portable charger
Image via Miady

Miady power banks are extremely thin and sleek, they’re just 14mm thick and easily portable. This means it’s easier to carry around no matter what you’re up to. Even with its thin design, this battery bank can charge your iPhones multiple times throughout. Each power bank in this pack of two has two USB ports and they charge your devices quickly. The 10000mAh battery banks are lightweight and thin, suitable for travellers and commuters. They have an easy-to-hold design to prevent slipping. With smart Li-polymer batteries, you can be assured of safety.

VimPower portable charger

vimpower battery bank
Image via VimPower

VimPower’s 10000mAh portable charger comes with a heavy-weight capacity – it can charge your Macbook one time and an iPhone eight six times. The bank has two ports – a 15W one and a 30W one and both of them charge your devices 2x and 3x faster. You get two Micro USB ports, 2 USB-A ports, and a USB-C port. You can get an idea of the battery level by looking at the LED lights dotted over the bank. The battery bank is portable enough to be carried around easily.

Some FAQs

  • What port should I use in my power bank, 5v/1.0A or 5v/2.1A?

This depends on the device you want to charge. If the device supports 1A max current, you should plug into the 1A port. Plugging 1A devices to 2A current may cause overheating. For other devices, 5v/1.0A may or may not be enough for the device to charge. Meanwhile, most of the power banks would have a 5v/ 2.1A or 5v/2.0A current as that’s the standard. For faster charging, power banks have 2.4A current.

  • What’s the best power bank to charge an iPhone?

It really depends more on your use than the power bank itself. For instance, if you’re constantly on the move, then the best solution would be a bigger battery bank i.e. 10000mAh or bigger. For daily use, you can get a 10000mAh or slightly smaller bank. And if you aren’t planning on staying away from your charger for long, then a small 6000mAh battery would do the job.

For traveling and outdoorsy adventures, you need to have a bigger power bank that can charge your phone at least five times. Try to get a compact yet durable bank that can withstand splashes, drops, and shocks. If you commute short distances daily, a battery bank with twice the battery capacity of your phone will be sufficient.

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